HD Cameras

Indigo imaging provides a variety of high-performance, high-resolution cameras with special characteristics, which can meet the needs of different fields such as machine vision, scientific imaging, and aerospace.

Model Resolution Sensor Size Shutter Pixel Size
Frame Rate
Data Interface Product Type
INDIGO 4500 7920x5436 1.7" Global shutter 2.8μmx2.8μm 65%@480nm 16fps Camera Link Camera/Board
SR-6500-M-G-CL 9344x7000@7fps, 4096x3072@25fps 2.3'(29.9mm x 22.4mm) Global shutter 3.2μm x 3.2μm > 65% @500nm 7fps M42 X 0.75 / F mount Board
Model Resolution Sensor Size