Portable UV-VIS-NIR imaging and Processing System


Back - light thinning sCMOS chip technology
180-1100nm high sensitivity, low noise, ultra-wide spectral response
@ 254 nm, 60% and 55% @ 365 nm
Uv - enhanced, 3-5 m long - distance search function
1.3e- ultra-low readout noise
93dB ultra high dynamic rang


1. OSD menu real-time touch screen operation, photo taking, video recording and image processing functions are integrated, which can realize single and 4 continuous photo taking 29fps video recording

2. The built-in intelligent anti-shake algorithm can automatically match the best shutter time, make the image clear and effectively solve the fuzzy problem caused by handshaking

3. Have electronic scale to measure the size of the shooting target in real time

Basic parameters Product model IDG-MS-P
Sensor type CMOS
Pixel size 11μmx11μm
Effective optical dimension 2 inches, 4 megapixels
color Monochromatic
Spectral range 180-1100nm;60%254nm;55%@365nm
The noise reduction High conversion gain electronic noise reduction technology; Combine FPGA with ISP high performance 2D/3D noise reduction
Feature Settings Image stabilization Anti-shake photo mode, automatically search for the sharpest photos and save them
ISP processing Saturation, brightness, contrast, Gamma adjustment, automatic color levels, automatic gain, 2D/3D noise reduction
display 7-inch touch hd 1280 x 800 IPS display
OSD touch control menu Main interface: power display/photo taking/anti-shake photo taking/video recording/zoom in/zoom out/set/photo library/real-time time
storage 32G EMMC memory, image TIF, PNG storage; Video MP4 format
Interface Settings The charging interface 12V input, available for system operation and charging, battery capacity: 6800 WH
Optical interface EF/T
12 V/DC IN Power adapter connector
USB 3.0 Connect the mouse to control the function of the host keys
Type-C Data line interface to transmit image data from the host
12/DC OUT The connection line of the light source is connected at one end to provide power for the light source
M42 interface A threaded connection to the lens
Other information cooling way Fan cooling
Total system power consumption 7 W
Size and weight 222x121x67 mm,1080g