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2020-03-09 2635

1. Application background
A fingerprint is like a person's ID card, which is a unique feature in human beings. It plays a very important role in the detection of crimes and has the characteristics of simple detection, convenience, high efficiency and high accuracy.

2. Application introduction
Ordinary camera fingerprints often have background patterns and potential sweat fingerprints, which are invisible or faintly visible to the unaided eyes  and cannot achieve ideal and satisfactory results under visible light. Indigo uses the S-UV camera system to observe and photograph a rough wall surface, a desktop, a credit card surface, and glass sheet with fingerprints under ultraviolet light of 254 nm in the laboratory, and obtains fingerprints with clear outlines and crossing lines.

3. Application advantages
1) Real Time UV(UVA-UVB-UVC)/VIS/NIR Imaging
2) Integrated design of a compact system
3) A Multi Feature Control Software
4) Multispectral integrated Light and Bright/Dark field UV Light

A finger print image on the surface of the optically opaque object (exposure time 8 ms) was taken with a 254 nm filter, S-UV UV camera and a 254 nm UV lamp (power 3 W).

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