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Line sweep upgrade with strength, Indigo released a new 8K line array scanning camera!Return >>

2019-11-26 1898

With the tremendous advance in key performance such as speed and noise, CMOS is gradually becoming the mainstream technology instead of CCD, in camera development. Based on the breakthrough of high-performance CMOS technology, Indigo Imaging has launched a number of cameras with both high performance and low cost advantages, which has been recognized and welcomed by more and more industry application customers!

In order to better meet the demands of industrial applications for efficiency, precision, cost, etc., Indigo launched another classic machine vision product: the INDIGO 8K line scan camera, after the 45 MP high-efficiency screen inspection camera.

Introduction of INDIGO 8K main features
INDIGO 8K is not only a typical representative of high-performance CMOS cameras, but also has many feature upgrades and performance optimizations for industrial applications:

1. The 8192×4 resolution scheme can meet the mainstream vision requirements in current industrial inspection;
2. The smaller 5 micron pixel size, can improve target detection accuracy;
3. Output with 100kHZ full resolution high speed line frequency, can effectively improve the detection efficiency;
4. Scientific-level CMOS chip combined with multi-level TDI high-sensitivity imaging technology and pixel-level signal calibration function, can further improve the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range of the camera!


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8K Line Scan Camera

8192x2/8192x4 pixels high resolution 100/150kHz(2 line),100kHz(4 line) frequency at full resolution Camera Link Base, Medium, Full, Deca Support FFC, DPC, ROI,BIN Support analog gain control Support 8 sets of user parameters